To express your interest in becoming a member, please click here to fill out our expression of interest form. You must be over 18 to join as a member.

We are  not open to the public and you must be a member to access our studio.

Membership includes access to the workshop space, skills workshops and combined members firings.

Membership costs $60.00 for 12mths

Members Studio access is $5.00 per visit

 Membership requests are  discussed at the bi-monthly members meetings, membership is determined on space and what you will be using the studio for. So please give us as much detail as you can.  

Membership for 2024 is open.

2024 memberships applications will be heard in February, April, June, August, October & December . 

You will not hear from us until your interest in becoming a  member has been proposed at a bi-monthly members meeting but we will be in touch to let you know the outcome so please keep an eye on your inbox.

What to expect after your expression of interest for membership is accepted

Your Membership Your membership will start on the 1st of the month and continue for 12 months. There are no refunds if you do not use your membership. A membership form will be given to you this form must be filled out and returned as part of the membership process. 

The studio induction  All new members must attend a new members studio induction, as part of the membership process. If you do not attend then your membership will not progress. 

Payment Your membership must be paid as part of the membership process. If you do not make a payment, arrange payment or talk to us about your circumstances,  then your membership will not progress. 

Members sessions

The studio is regularly open on a Thursday night from 7-9.30pm and a Sunday from 1-4pm. All other sessions get posted on our Members WhatsApp group There is no need to book ahead, you can just turn up, sign in and pay your $5.00 fee on the day,. 

Workshops For beginners we strongly encourage you to attend our Learn, Make & Create workshops before starting with the members' sessions, we have developed these workshops ourselves based on what we all wish we had been shown when we first started!  As a member you will have access to all of the skills workshops, talks, events and markets that we are involved in, such as,  our 8 week wheel workshop, slab techniques workshops, throwing big pots, Kintsugi, sgraffito, sculpting workshops and many more, we also have studio open days and participate in markets, such as the good stuff markets and handmade Illawarra, if you are interested in selling you work.

Pottery supplies as a member you will be able to purchase clay, tools and glazes from the studio. 

Firings The studio is volunteer based and all members contribute to the running of the space. Our firings are combined members work, we fire to 1000'C bisque, 1120'C Earthenware and 1210'C Midfire. We have clay available at this firing ranges which members can purchase from the volunteer who is opening a members session.

We do not offer a firing service or membership for firing only, members that have applied for membership and do not engage with the community  or use the space in the first 3 months except for firing will be contacted and your membership may be cancelled as membership spaces are limited. Due to the fact that all our firings are done by volunteers we cannot guarantee how often we fire at the different temperatures. People who make work in the studio during workshops or open sessions are prioritised.

Volunteering  As part of your membership you will be asked to contribute your time to the studio in some way, such as joining in a working bee, participating in the monthly deep clean, bringing in some toilet paper, volunteering at an event, moving clay or recycling every bit helps our community.  

If the form is not working, click here to email us.